Don’t make me think

Usability. It’s important in all it’s facets and for evrything in a human’s life that needs human interaction. It’s about the fact that a user needs to know where he’d find what he’s looking for, just by scanning the page, not by actually read it. Don’t even try to deny that fact. I know you don’t take the time to read every page completely. Or that you even read the manual of some device.

Anno 2014, we don’t have time to think a lot about things. We need to rush to go work, get the children, cook, clean, etc… And that’s why we need usability. When a website, article or anything else is too busy, we’ll go away from it. We don’t even try to read or understand it. Why do you think the headlines of an article are repeated in big letters? It’s just for letting you know what you can find in the article. Or why is the application page on a website called “Jobs”? Just because you don’t have to think; you know that’s the place where you’ll find the jobs. If that page was called “Working possibilities”, you start thinking if that’s really the correct link.

From today on, I started reading “Don’t make me think” by Steve Krug. It’s the best reference about usability on the market right now. So I hope I learn a lot from it and if you’ll ever need some design advice, just ask me, I don’t bite!

Well, let me continue reading right now.

See you later,

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