School & Internships

BusIT Bruges project
IoT project for an international week in Bruges. We created a visitor counter with Tessel hardware and a webserver as well as a websocketserver in NodeJS. We won the reward for "Best Technical Implementation".

Website for a starting real estate agent. We created the project in the Python language with the Django framework.

Young Participation Platform
Website with C# and a native Android application. The goal was to create a platform where young people can participate with politicians.

Velo Big Data
We did a big data project about Velo, the sharing bikes in Antwerp, Belgium. We used all their data to make graphs about bike usings and predictions of use in the future. The main goal was to help them realise in which way they have to alter the existing system for perfect use.

Where Am I?
Internship project. An Android application in combination with a webserver in ExpressJS and an admin panel in C#. The goal was to create a game in which players could take photos of places and other players can guess an interact with the games to find the correct location.


Hack The Future 2015
Android application for buying and selling items in a time of war where mankind has to go to another planet. Also the possibility to find extra items at specific spots in the real world.

Hack The Future 2016
IoT project for controlling a camera and using image recognition for finding out if there are aliens and speech-to-text to control the camera by voice too.

Personal projects

Belgian Potterheads Zoo Meet 2017
For an event for the Belgian fan group "Belgian Potterheads", I created a mobile application for Android devices in React Native. The goal was to find the other teams in a game in the zoo of Antwerp and solve riddles to unlock all the magical creatures.

Belgian Potterheads Website (In development)
New and improved website for the Belgian Potterheads with profiles, Harry Potter-related info, showing info in facebook groups, events, news items, social media management, ...

Crunch Foodtruck (In development)
Website for a foodtruck.

Wizarding World (In development)
Full-stack javascript online MMORPG. Wizarding World in which a player can define life goals an fulfill them by using magic, special items and the use of a lot of different worlds.