The beginning of the end

America. That great country. Well, you made an awful mistake…

Trump is president now, it’s all over the news. But is that a good thing? I don’t think so. Do we really want a man full with hatred, sexism, racism, … to be in such an important position? Have you thought about that? He was changing his ideas all the time, word against word. And at the end he might have changed it to what you wanted to hear. But is that everything you needed to change your mind? Just some good words for a change? He’s a person that thinks something like “When I’m elected I can change everything the way I want”. He’s been playing you for so long and he’s still playing you now. I don’t understand how you fall for that.

Ofcourse I hope you made the right choice by electing him and thereby giving him all those powers. I hope, but I know you’re wrong. The Germans made the same mistake. The only difference here is that they learned from the past. Now the new Hitler is born, maybe a reincarnation of him, I wouldn’t be surprised. But one thing is for sure: You choose a monster. And that monster is going to destroy the world.

I’m a big fan of Harry Potter and on he internet they all say “He’s even worse than Voldemort”. Even JK Rowling acknowledged that xqkjdfm. But I know Voldemort isn’t that bad. Even in the books he’s not extremely bad. But you know what I’m thinking? Trump is even worse than Umbridge. And that’s something you should think about. Umbridge is the real bad person in the HP stories. She’s the worse of them all and hatred by everyone. Most people could live with Voldemort and Snape and even all the death eaters. But Umbridge is something else. True evil. And now you’ve found someone that is even worse.

Let’s pray for the world, dear people. Let’s hope it’s not too late to change anything. Because otherwise World War 3 might be luring around the corner…

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