Driver License & Amazing Figuration

Today was a good day. This morning I went for my driver license! Yes, start being very cautious, because I’m driving the roads. It’s a burden that falls of my shoulders now. And I’m glad I got it.

After that, I drove (with my bike, unfortunately) to a set for a Belgian television program called “De Buurtpolitie” (The Local Police). I figurated in the scene, which is something I really like to do. It’s only the third time I went to a figuration, but I do hope I can do it more often. Right now I don’t have enough time for that, unfortunately.

So it was a good day and it’s not even 3pm, so the day has just started. But I think iy’s best for me to learn now for my exam next monday, which is the last one for now. So I hope to blog again soon and hopefully such awesome things as today will happen more often!

Speak you soon.


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