An Evening With Paul Kalkbrenner

People that know me, know that I like to work at concerts and festivals as a volunteer. It’s basically the biggest part of my leisure. And yesterday wasn’t different; I went to the concert of Paul Kalkbrenner, who is a famous DJ who has played on the main stage of Tomorrowland already.

For my job, I had to hand over flyers to the visitors. Not the most thankful job, as a lot of people try to ignore you and sometimes you get bad looks. But I do what they want from me, right? But it was a mess; people were constantly running back and forth, constantly saying that they already got a flyer. And it was just one big mass of people trying to find their way between all the rest. But the concert began and was fine. That type of music is definitely not my favorite, but I did enjoy it for a time. But I talked with people, met some new people and had an amazing time telling funny stories. It was a nice evening.

After the concert, I had to help at the lockers, hanging up the keys people bring back. And it was fine…for a moment. There was only one passage, which was mainly the only reason for something to break out. Soon the hall was full of people trying to get to their locker. After a time, the passage was too small to let everyone through. People walked in all directions, causing people to almost fall down. I don’t think that happened, and that’s good, because otherwise that person would have been trampled.

We were busy with pushing back our desks; they moved all the time due to all the persons pushing each other while trying to reach the locker. It was a mess. A big mess. I was happy when everyone got away safely and the concert was definitely over.

Although I didn’t really like the kind of music Kalkbrenner was playing, I had an amazing evening with amazing friends. Hopefully tomorrow will be at least even as great. I’m back there then. Maybe I see you over there? 😉


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