To 2015, and beyond!

It’s that time again. That time when you start asking yourself: ‘How did I live last year?’ And you know that it wasn’t very amazing… But it’s also the time that you start thinking about things that you can do better next year (and probably won’t).

Intentions. Do they really work? Is there someone in this world that can say that he reached all his intentions? I don’t know. Personally, I have some problems with that… I can’t fulfill all my intentions in a year. Most of the time I start good, but it’s going down after a week. Maybe two.

But for 2015 I have some great intentions! Wait, let me give you a list:

  • Running: I will try to run every 2 days to stay healthy!
  • Wizarding World: I will work really hard for it. I already started a whole planning! I have a lot of days that I save for Wizarding World, and I will work a lot on every one of these days.

Do you think I can do that? I hope so. I’m full of energy to start with this! But like I said, it can always go wrong too…

But for now: See you next year!

Hello world!

Since my last website went down, I created this new one. Be ready for some gorgeous posts and a lot of information about me!

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